Ceramics image The ceramics division has created high-purity and high-performance YAG ceramics of industry standard owing to its technology development abilities. As for YAG ceramics for laser, we have developed a method for manufacturing large-size crystals (first in the world) that enable the development of high output lasers. And, we are now manufacturing Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Yb-YAG, Ho-YAG, and Tm:YAG on an integrated basis. The arc tube for HID lamps will contribute greatly to future energy-saving lighting. A scintillator of higher performance is expected and now under research and development in the fields of physical measurement and nuclear medicine (PET scanner, etc.). Konoshima Chemical will meet customer needs and make a concerted effort to develop high-purity high-performance ceramics that make the impossible possible.
  • Jan. 2003, Awarded the "Photonics Circle of Excellent Award" from the Photonics Spectra Magazine.
  • Apr. 2005, Awarded the "Corporate Technical Achievement Award" from the American Ceramics Society.
  • Jan. 2006, Awarded the "Ashihara Science Award" from the Kagawa Industrial Support Foundation.
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