Privacy Policy

1. Fundamental Idea

Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the company") gathers information on people who use the company's website (hereinafter "the website") within the range necessary for the smooth operation of services (provision of information, acceptance of various opinions, etc., by means of the website) offered on the website.
The gathered information is appropriately handled within the range of the Purpose of Use.

2. Range of Information Gathered

  • The website automatically gathers Internet domain name, IP address and information on the website. Note that cookies are not used.
  • When "E-mail Inquiries" are sent, the sender's email address is displayed to the receiver.
    In addition, the optional entry of a name (company name), address, and phone number is requested.

3. Purpose of Use

  • Information gathered under item 2.1 will be used for the smooth operation of services offered on the website.
  • The contents of "E-mail Inquiries" gathered under item 2-2 will be used for reference for future operation.

The "Email address" will be used as the reply address.
The optional entry of "Phone number" will be used by the company for contact purposes.

4. Restriction of Use and Provision

The company will neither voluntarily use gathered information for a purpose other than the purpose stated in item 3, nor provide it to a third party, except when the disclosure of such information is required under laws and regulations, when there is an illegal act such as unauthorized access or blackmail, or when there is any other valid reason.
Provided, however, that the company may disclose website access information or information on user attributes that is processed statistically.

5. Security Measures

The company takes necessary measures in order to prevent the leak, loss or damage of gathered information, and to perform other appropriate management of gathered information.

6. Disclosure of Information on Identity

The website does not gather information on the date of birth or any other general information that can identify a specific individual in detail.
Therefore, the company cannot meet a request for information on the identity of a contributor to an inquiry, etc.

7. Scope of Application

The Private Policy shall apply only to the website.